Our palette of colors and styles of doors and windows enhances the beauty of the building. They represent the image of its inhabitants. 
To ensure the longevity of their original color and brightness, we use basic materials of excellent quality. Protective layers of paint are manufactured in multi-layers in the ovens of our factory.

Our ICA painting exploits all the advantages of water based painting. Our products are of very high quality and provide long-lasting protection for the conservation of the facades and the exterior parts of a building in accordance with the following characters: 
- They contain pigments and UV filters, protecting the yellowing of the paint 
- They also contain preservatives to prevent the wood from molding 
- Laboratory analysis demonstrate compliance to the standards required by the EU concerning the rigidity and the impermeability of the layer of paint. The report also analyzes the aging of the paint under natural and extreme conditions.

The independent quality control (CATAS) often controls the quality of our products according to the EN 927 standard.

In order to maintain the long lasting quality of our products, we recommend a renewed maintenance of the exterior surface exposed to weather conditions 3 to 4 years after their location, depending on their condition.


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